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Virgil F. Gaddy, Jr. - RLS, PE
Owner/President - Gaddy Surveying & Design, Inc.
President - Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia (2014-15)

With over 25 years experience as a licensed land surveyor and civil engineer in the state of Georgia, Virgil "Frank" Gaddy, Jr's knowledge and expertise is an invaluable asset as Owner/President of Gaddy Surveying & Design, Inc.

Before opening Gaddy Surveying & Design, Inc in 2008, he held the position of Vice President of FocalPoint Engineering, Inc (FPE) from 2003-2008. During this time he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Land Surveying Department.

Gaddy worked for the family business, Virgil F. Gaddy and Associates for ten years (1993-2003) when he merged with FocalPoint Engineering. During his time with Virgil F. Gaddy & Associates, he was directly responsible for all surveying and engineering projects/services.

Prior to working with Virgil F. Gaddy & Associates, he spent nearly a decade working at DeKalb County in the Development and Public Works Departments. While working in the Roads & Drainage Division of the Public Works Department, Gaddy held the title of Manager of the Drainage Inspectors and served as the department's floodplain management coordinator. He was responsible for review of all drainage problems and coordinating repair/replacement of the county's storm pipe infrastructure. In addition he oversaw several county programs including the Citizens Drainage Problem (C.D.P.) and Citizens Drainage Improvement Program (C.D.I.P.). Both programs worked closely with residents of the county to provide storm pipe installation or extensions as well as stone for channel stabilization on single-family residential properties at a shared cost with the homeowners.

He was directly responsible for submittals to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the County's participation in the Community Rating System under the National Flood Insurance Rate Program while also responsible for reviews of all Flood Plain Studies and construction activities within Floodplain Areas and dam break analysis studies.

Gaddy spent several years working in the DeKalb County Development Department as a senior engineer in charge of plan review for site development plans, hydrologic studies and flood plain studies. In addition he served as assistant supervisor for all reviews of plats, plans and permits for the Development Department.

He got his start in the fields of land surveying & civil engineering with a prominent Atlanta engineering & surveying firm in 1982 after graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology that same year. During this tenure he worked on residential and commercial projects as a reviewer of engineering projects and coordinated with field personnel in land surveying services for construction staking.

Surveying was a family business for him growing up as his father, Virgil F. Gaddy, Sr., R.L.S., owned Gaddy & Associates. He spent a majority of his time growing up learning from the profession from this father and worked in the field as a survey crew member during the summers.

Gaddy has been a registered civil engineer since 1988 and registered land surveyor since 1995. In addition, he holds a Level II certification with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC). He is a member of numerous organizations including ASCE, NSPE, GSPE.

On July 20th, 2013, after years of loyal serivce to the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia (SAMSOG), Mr. Gaddy took the office of President of the organization. The ceremony took place during the SAMSOG Annual Meeting
held in Charleston, SC in as a joint conference with the South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors. Gaddy became the 58th President of SAMSOG. His term as president ended in 2015. 

Currently he serves as secretary/treasurer of SAMPAC, a political action committee protecting the rights of surveyors in the state of Georgia on a legislative level.

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